SWWB and BASW Dubs Amendment Statement




Social Workers Without Borders condemns our Government’s decision to end their commitment to the Dubs amendment and we are highlighting our concerns that refugee children are consequently being exposed to increased risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation due to the negligence of the UK and French Authorities.


Under the landmark Dubs amendment last April, the UK government committed to relocate vulnerable lone-child refugees in France, Italy and Greece ‘as soon as possible’. However, with the destruction of the Calais ‘jungle’ last October, around 1,000 qualifying children, some as young as 12, have been left neglected in France, without safe access to food, healthcare or shelter.


Social Workers Without Borders were present in the Jungle for 7 months, and following 40 ‘Best Interest Assessments’ with unaccompanied minors in the ‘jungle’ camp in Calais in the weeks prior to its demolition, found that children's experiences during their journey and in the subsequent time in France had resulted in them needing significant professional support and the protection.


Since the distribution of children across France, we have continued to support the assessed children and have found that many have been placed in centres which do not meet their basic needs of food, warmth, education and stimulation.  The lack of communication by authorities restricts their ability to understand their options.


Professional social work Assessments carried out by Social Workers Without Borders in the Jungle, then followed up in accommodation centres, have shown that many children are showing severe symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Mental health concerns remain untreated.



For further information or quotes from SWWB, please contact swwb@tutanota.com.